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Embark provides a supported living service for young adults with disabilities which enables them to live more independently


Why other young people have chosen Embark

Embark offer high quality, bespoke support to enable you to live life to the full in your own home. We don't just want to provide a place to live. We want to provide a way of life. You'll be sharing a house with friends and have a support worker there 24 hours a day who will help you as much or as little as you want.

At Embark every day is a chance to learn.

Whether it's cooking spaghetti or checking train time-tables, your support staff will help. And they won't just be there to help with the boring things either, there will be trips to karaoke bars and visits to the cinema. Every opportunity to see people and get out and about in the local community is encouraged, and of course your friends and family are always welcome to pop in whenever they like.

We don't just care about today - Your future aspirations and goals are also important to us; that's why we'll support you to find the right college courses and any relevant work opportunities.

Our company ethos and mission statement

To ensure you love the way you live by providing you with quality support to live a more independent full and active adult life.